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Club Vehicle Standards

    So you like your 4x4 vehicle but aren't sure how it will measure up to the others in Bluegrass 4x4 Inc. No problem! Bluegrass 4x4 Inc. members own a wide range of 4x4 vehicles. Our members drive everything  from stock "show-n-shine" vehicles to home made 4x4 buggies. The only real requirement is that you own or enjoy 4x4 vehicles! Currently Bluegrass 4x4 is dominated with various models of Jeeps. However, we do have members with other vehicles such as Broncos, Trucks, and some custom built rigs.

    Bluegrass 4x4 Inc. hosts events each year for those that like to show off what they have.  We also organize trail rides for those more interested in how their vehicle performs off-road rather than looks. Either way, their is a place for you and your vehicle with us!

    One of the activities that our club really enjoys is trail riding. We often find ourselves in spot that are very challenging, however, typically there are bypasses for those difficult areas. Those taking the challenging routes need to be prepared with their vehicle. The following items are the bare minimum and highly recommended features you should have before attempting any trail ride.

  • Common sense is the number one absolute requirement. If you are inexperienced then listen and learn from others. Don't allow others to lure you into doing something you are not comfortable with. Alcohol is NEVER permitted on any trail. Just remember, "Stupid Hurts".
  • Spare Tire and a usable jack appropriate for vehicle modifications.
  • Tow points on the front and rear. Stock bumpers to not count unless you want them removed. It's preferable to have the points mounted near a frame rail.
  • Always have friends in separate vehicles. This is not an issue on our events because we never ride alone.
  • Small tool bag with some common automotive related tools.
  • Bluegrass 4x4 Inc members use CB radios a lot for communication on the trail.


    As you gain experience and confidence in challenging your self and your vehicle you will find the your minimum equipment list will grow. There are several good sources of information to learn what you should pack.


Here is an album with some of our member's rides!

tread     flag     jeep