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How to Contact Us


If you would like to send us an email you can reach our officers at info@bluegrass4x4.org. We'll get back with you as soon as possible regarding your questions or comments.

Club Forum

The best way to reach us is through the club forum (Click Here) or on our Facebook page (Click Here). Simply register with a user id and password. You will have access to a portion of the available forums. Paid club members get full access. Go to the forum thread for new member introductions and post an introduction and any questions you might have. The forum is generally pretty active so rarely does it take more that a day before someone will see your post.

Regular Meetings

Bluegrass 4x4 Inc. has regular meetings on the second Thursday of each month. The monthly meetings are announced on the Forum and on the front page of the web site. If you are brand new to the club then please contact a club officer, the web site, or our forum to verify the meeting time and location.  Although you won't be able to participate in the business portion of the meeting you will meet many of our members and learn about the club. 

Club Officers

Bluegrass 4x4 President

Terry Cobb


Bluegrass 4x4 Vice President

Mike Schinault


Bluegrass 4x4 Secretary

Julie Brown


Bluegrass 4x4 Treasurer

Carl Brown


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