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About Bluegrass 4x4 Inc.

logoBluegrass 4x4 is a regional club whose purpose is to promote the sport and pastime of OHV activities.  Although we support the entire OHV sport, our primary interest is with full size 4x4 vehicles. We are interested in enjoying our 4x4 vehicles in safe and responsible manners. Bluegrass 4x4 is intended to be a diverse family oriented club that caters to the extreme and novice enthusiast. As part of our interest in OHV activities, we also support the protection of natural resources and the Multiple Use Principle as applied to public lands. This includes the principles of the national Tread Lightly program. We would not be an off road club if we did not also leave the pavement occasionally.  Regional properties such as Interlake and Turkey Bay are most popular, however we also have folks that make it out west to regions like Moab!

What kinds of things does this club like to do? 

  • Group trail rides at regional properties such as Turkey Bay, Interlake, Harlan, Moab, and Others
  • Regular monthly meetings 
  • Summer Picnic
  • Winter snow rides (weather permitting)
  • Club projects such as building an RTI ramp
  • 4x4 Cruise-Ins and Shows
  • Support for Toys for Tots
  • Assist INDNR with maintenance (frequent Interlake cleanups)
  • Community service projects
What are the benefits of being a member?
  • Information on trail riding opportunities
  • 10% discount with 4WD Hardware
  • Discounts with some local parts stores
  • Club T-Shirt
  • Club Vehicle Sticker
  • Friendships with other 4x4 enthusiasts
  • Assistance from members with your project or mechanical troubles
Home Page and Forum

If you are here then you've found our home page! Club activities are listed on the home page and in our calendar if you would like to see what we have planned. If you have questions about our planned events feel free to contact us.

There is also a forum you can visit to communicate easily with the group, you can Click Here to check it out! You must register on the site to be able to view any content. Once you are registered you will have access to most threads, however there are some in the forum that are reserved for paid club members only. The members only thread is reserved for paid members as this may have non-public information floating around. If you would like to see all the available threads then consider becoming a paid club member.

Do I have to pay to register on the forum?

No. Assess to the forum is free. However, access is very limited for registered guests. This gives members of the public a chance to chat with club members, ask questions, and have fun. 

Why is the list of users of the forum color-coded?

The user names in the club forum have been color coded for easy identification of an individuals status. This enables you to easily know if you are chatting with a club member or someone else!
  • Registered guests are the default color of Blue
  • Club Members are Blue
  • Club Officers are Red
  • Forum Moderators are Green
  • Forum Administrators are Black

How to I become a member of Bluegrass 4x4 Inc. ?
  • Any individuals having an interest in four-wheel drive vehicles and/or off-road themed events are eligible for membership in Bluegrass 4x4 Club, Inc. (Membership will be classified as single or family. Family membership will include a spouse and children.)
  • New applicants for new membership or renewal of membership must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Membership dues are due by February 1st of each year. Dues must be paid within 30 days of due date to maintain membership.
  • The Board of Directors shall determine dues for this organization, each year, as needed.
  • Members shall notify the Board of Directors upon any change of contact information, such as; mailing address, telephone number, or e-mail address.
  • Contact an officer about joining us at a meeting if you want to meet and greet before joining!

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